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Hanover Metal Detectors Club

About HMDC

Our Passion


If you "dig it," you belong in our club.  

We share a mutual interest and passion for hunting and collecting historical artifacts.  

Our active membership is composed primarily of Civil War enthusiasts, but we also share a deep interest in old bottles and pottery, Revolutionary War, and American Indian artifacts.

Our History


Our club has grown considerably since it was organized in 2006 by 20 die hard relic hunters from the Richmond, VA area. 

Our group currently includes some of the most experienced and well-respected hunters around. 

In 2018, the club members' collective experience totaled over 800 years!

Our Mission


The men and women of Hanover Metal Detectors Club are committed to the recovery and preservation of historical artifacts before they are forever lost to construction, destruction and corrosion. 

We take extreme pride in our heritage and family values and we are committed to maintaining high standards in ethics and proper hunting etiquette.  Our club focuses on relic hunting in Hanover and the surrounding counties.


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